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Shop Recovery Stuff owner, Marti McLeod and her husband, Mark in the flagship Y’all design. Mark is wearing the classic fit in Heather Gray and Marti is wearing the Jr. fit V in Heathered Navy.

Thank you for visiting Shop Recovery Stuff!  Shop Recovery Stuff was actually born years ago, out my husband’s and my commitment to reach our son, who was in active addiction.  My husband and I had a mantra that we shared with our son every chance we got:

“Addiction is not who you are.”

Our goal was to put a crack in the wall that addiction builds around its victims- our son, your son, daughters, family members, friends.

I couldn’t find a card to send to our son when he was in treatment so, I designed a card!  Then I designed another card, and another and before I knew it, I was designing items for various groups, events and organizations.   I felt moved in early 2017 to design Recovery items in a broader format that would fulfill the 2-fold mission of Shop Recovery Stuff by offering apparel and other products that would open the door to allow people to share Recovery in real-time, right where they’re at- in their own sphere of influence.  It became my passion and calling to help people live Recovery out loud with a positive and constructive representation of self-association to Recovery.

Shop Recovery Stuff”s Mission “To give people in Recovery the opportunity to live and share Recovery out loud with a positive self-association to Recovery and by doing so, reach those still suffering.”

If you would have told me 10 years ago, “Marti, you’re going to design Recovery items” I would have laughed out loud!  I don’t think I could have imagined all the people and all the ways we get to help people and Recovery through Shop Recovery Stuff!  Please check out our mission and how we make it happen here: (Our Mission & how we make it happen!)

I create every design, giving great thought to the item as a whole, as well as the message.  I am mindful that Shop Recovery Stuff designs be a positive representation of Recovery- created with the victory of Recovery in mind, while serving a dual purpose to speak to those still suffering.  It’s my goal that Shop Recovery Stuff speaks volumes without saying a word- lessening stigma, opening doors for people to reach out or connect, and share the hope that addiction is not who we are and Recovery is Real.

When I began receiving requests from other types of Recovery groups that wanted to positively relate and share Recovery, I began to add designs on our website that can be customized for a specific Recovery cause.  So many people are fighting and winning battles of Recovery.  It’s never been more important that opportunities to positively relate and share Recovery be available- equipping people right where they are to confidently share Recovery!  I’m proud that Shop Recovery Stuff is a part of opening doors for people to share their Recovery with confidence to encourage others.

FAMILY RECOVERY – I am also a certified Family Recovery Coach Specialist. Weathering the storm of the addiction of a loved one is hard. While there are helps for families in the education of addiction and helping their loved one in addiction, there is still not a lot of help for families with a focus on them.  I’m a firm believer in the power of trained peer support for families- Recovery breeds in community!
NALOXONE TRAINER – I’m also a firm believer in Naloxone training- so much so that I became trained, then trained to train trainers! Having a business that serves the Recovery arena, and having worked with and advocated for families who are affected by a loved one’s addiction for years now, I’ve met people who range from hopeless to scared to death to frankly, mad as hell; and everything in between- and I’ve been all those places myself.  Not one person, however, has ever expressed that they would not want Recovery for their addicted loved one- not one. I’ve also met and worked with some amazing people who are in Recovery- people who are making Recovery possible for others every day, who wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Naloxone/Narcan saving their life. Regardless of what a person thinks about addiction, Naloxone is the CPR for an opioid overdose- I would never withhold CPR from a dying person.
Naloxone can be purchased at a pharmacy. If you don’t have access to training in your area, I encourage you to get Naloxone or Narcan- the nasal spray formula of Naloxone. However, attending a Naloxone training gives a lot more than just the medicine:
1. Training gives more than just the medicine. During a Naloxone training, you learn more than just how to administer the Naloxone/Narcan- such as what to do first, how to do rescue breathing, why it’s important to stay with the person, what to say to 911 operators, how to incorporate the help of others, the different forms of Naloxone and more.
2. Training instills confidence. Life and death situations are traumatic and in real-time, they happen quickly. Knowledge and practice are power. Training takes an overdose event and slows it down, allowing the opportunity to see a demonstration with multiple variables, practice, ask questions and know you’re not alone.
3. Training provides free Naloxone/Narcan and other helpful items such as cards that will walk someone through the process and answer situation specific questions.
Other Helpful Links:
– Recognizing an Opioid Overdose: https://harmreduction.org/…/ov…/recognizing-opioid-overdose/