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Shop Recovery Stuff owner, Marti McLeod and her husband, Mark in the flagship Y’all design. Mark is wearing the classic fit in Heather Gray and Marti is wearing the Jr. fit V in Heathered Navy.

Thank you for visiting Shop Recovery Stuff!  Shop Recovery Stuff was actually born years ago, out my husband’s and my commitment to reach our son, who was in active addiction.  Loving and supporting a person in active addiction is hard.  My husband and I firmly believed if we weren’t telling our son that addiction wasn’t who he was, who would?

We had a mantra that we shared with our son every chance we got:

“Addiction is not who you are.”

Our goal was to put a crack in the wall that addiction builds around its victims- our son, your son, daughters, family members, friends.

I couldn’t find a card to send to our son when he was in rehab so, I designed a card!  Then I designed another card, and another.  If you would have told me 10 years ago, “Marti, you’re going to design addiction Recovery items” I would have laughed out loud!  As I grew in my own Recovery as a family member of a person with SUD (Substance Use Disorder), it became my passion and calling to help people live Recovery out loud with a positive and constructive representation of self-association to Recovery.  Even though I’ve been designing addiction Recovery items for years, from that first card for my son in rehab, to large organizations and fellowships, I felt moved in early 2017 to design Recovery items in a broader format that would fulfill the 2-fold mission of Shop Recovery Stuff by offering apparel and other products that would open the door to allow people to share Recovery in real-time right where they’re at- in their own sphere of influence. (Our Mission & how we make it happen!)   I also began receiving requests from other types of Recovery groups that wanted to positively relate and share Recovery.  I decided to expand the reach to Recovery communities as a whole.  It’s never been more important that opportunities to positively relate and share Recovery be available- the need is great; equipping people right where they are to confidently share Recovery is a key ingredient to fighting addiction.  I’m proud that Shop Recovery Stuff has opened doors of Recovery for so many people.

I create every design, giving great thought to the item as a whole, as well as the message.  I am mindful that Shop Recovery Stuff designs be a positive representation of Recovery- created with the victory of Recovery in mind, while serving a dual purpose to speak to those still suffering.  It’s my goal that Shop Recovery Stuff speaks volumes without saying a word- lessening the stigma of addiction, opening doors to for people to reach out or connect, and share the hope that addiction is not who we are- and Recovery is indeed, Real.

Family Recovery

I am also a Family Recovery Coach Specialist.  The first time I called for help for my family in 2006, we were already beat up and beat down by addiction and sadly, when I asked for help, I was laughed at and hung up on- adding trauma on top of trauma.  I knew in that moment that I’d better start learning about addiction before it dragged me to my death.  I’ve been learning and helping families journey through addiction ever since.  In 2019, we’ll be setting up a Family Recovery page, to help families as they maneuver through a loved one’s addiction- it’s a page truly for families- for our own healing- because addiction is a beat-down, but we can Recover together.  See my most requested blog here: Loving a Person With SUD