Serenity… a Recovery Gift

“God grant me the serenity to except the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.”

GOD – when saying this word, I am admitting to the existence of a power that is greater than my own self.
GRANT – saying this second word, I am making a request.  By making a request, I am admitting that this higher Power is able to give to me and to others.
SERENITY – I am asking for calmness, composure and inner peace in my life. This will enable me to let go of my ego and think straight.
TO ACCEPT – I am allowing myself to acknowledge conditions as they are right now; live in the now and the present moment while letting go of control and fear.
THE THINGS – whatever is making my life unmanageable.
CANNOT CHANGE – Acknowledgement that I can’t prevent events or conditions from happening to me or to others.  I have no control over specific people, places and things.
COURAGE – a quality that enables me to deal with the problems and realities of life without reliance on alcohol, drugs or self-destructive behavior- a determination to stand my ground and get through all issues; a strength in my spirit to face and handle the negative; to step forward through fear while practicing faith, humility and honesty.
TO CHANGE – in facing my life directly and honestly.  I have an active part in changing. I am taking action now.
THE THINGS I CAN – saying this, I am asking for guidance to make right decisions, knowing I must do the footwork.
AND WISDOM – I am asking for the ability to rise above my ego.  I release judgments about myself, my life.  I learn through my experience and others’ experiences.  Then, ask for guidance from myself, others and God.
TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE – I want to be able to understand and clarify truths.  I want to see things differently and clearly in my life by gaining awareness so I can identify where to take action and/or where to let go of a false sense of control.


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