Multi-dimensional Mindsets Required!

What should a Recovery community look like? Supporting Recovery doesn’t always directly show.  Exponential Recovery growth will require a collective and diverse Recovery community! At the beginning of 2018, I posted a video to encourage those who would, to search our individual talents and abilities and join the fight against addiction, and to be a part [...]

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The Face of Families of Addiction & Recovery

I own a business that supports the Recovery lifestyle.  With that, I see lots of social media around Recovery.  A current challenge trend is to share a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo- a photo during active addiction and a photo in active Recovery.  The changes are nothing less than amazing- an undeniable, amazing testament to the [...]

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Power Of The Written Voice

The ‘in’ we have as loved ones in the fight against addiction is that our written words matter for those in active addiction.  Addiction is an illness that tricks the mind, telling the person they’re not sick, while actually killing them. The paranoia that comes with addiction forces the addicted mind to race, trust no [...]

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Serenity… a Recovery Gift

“God grant me the serenity to except the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.” GOD – when saying this word, I am admitting to the existence of a power that is greater than my own self. GRANT – saying this second word, I am [...]

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Connection Creates Healing

When I moved to the great state of Texas 11 years ago from my home state of Kansas, I knew no one. Literally. I was thrilled when I attended a class and met a fellow Kansan! We’d never known each other in Kansas but Lezlee and I instantly had a connection and have been close [...]

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Paralyzed No More

The world of addiction holds so much anguish. I believe it's so important to share the promise and hope of Recovery as well. When our son became addicted in 2006, the brain science of addiction was not a public knowledge.  Today, the brain science is clear, which is causing treatments to evolve.  Four weeks ago, [...]

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Recovery Despite the Trauma & Truth of Loving a Person with SUD

Awhile back, I was asked to write a summary of my thoughts about the importance of self-care for families and loved ones of people with addiction. It’s become a mantra: Addiction, although a proven brain disease, crosses the line of physical science. It is a prison of the mind that steals free will.  Although lying, [...]

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Recovery – Proof & How we win the Naysayers

As the proof of addiction as a chronic brain disease is getting more exposure, the opposition is expressing as well. While it’s comfortable to be in our own circle, we have to carry the message to the outside world. We have an important message to deliver! I believe it would serve us well as individuals, [...]

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Getting Off the Ride

Recovery doesn't happen overnight or by itself- the roller coaster of addiction chaos doesn’t stop. We have to jump off that roller coaster on purpose! (and keep jumping off!) As I was listening to a group discussion the other evening, I couldn't help but think back to a counselor who really helped me 'get it'. [...]

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