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Need help with a design for your business, group, rally, event, cool t-shirt for your treatment center or sober house? Yep,  we can help!

We offer several ways to get our great Recovery Stuff – from full-on custom work creating and developing your brand and design to making one of our stock designs yours- we can help you make it happen!  The options are many!  Check out some of our examples below:

STOCK CO-BRANDING :  What’s stock co-branding?  Stock co-branding is a great option that offers options to our customers because we offer lots of stock items!  We already have great Recovery Stuff so you can choose one of our available designs!  It can be as simple as you picking one of our stock designs- shirts that are already printed; and we add a custom touch that makes it yours!  A great example is the University of Delaware!  UDEL Collegiate Recovery chose our Power of Recovery Crew- it’s offered in 3 colors so each person selected their color choice and size; then we added their group hashtag to the sleeve that made it their shirt!  Co-branding with us by using our stock Recovery Stuff is a cost efficient way to get a great shirt for your group!  Most groups qualify for bulk pricing, too!

SEMI-CUSTOM CO-BRANDING :  Semi custom co-branding takes it to the next level!  Lots of our designs are available for semi-customization so you get our great design with the next level of personalization-  such as color change in the design or shirt color or add your slogan to make it yours.  This is a great option that offers options to our customers who want a custom item with a great design already done!   We already have great Recovery Stuff so why not choose one of our available designs and let us help you make it yours!  Our Recovery Stamp design is a great example!  Our owner had an event at University of North Texas- she used the Recovery Stamp design as the base design and changed out the colors in the design and the shirt color to match UNT’s green color scheme!  It was such a hit, we added it as a stock item!  The Recovery Stamp crew is offered in our online store (Click here to see the Recovery Stamp crew).  Getting a great design is half the battle- our semi-custom co-branding option slays the hard work and we’ll help you through the process!  The ‘Teamwork’ photo at the top also share a great example- an RCO in Texas chose our Classic Recovery Reflection design as a backdrop for their symposium slogan, “Live Out Loud”!  Don’t forget our trademark #RecoveryIsReal shirts and event T’s are great for co-branding! Bulk pricing is available based on selection and quantity ordered.

CUSTOM STUFF:  Our owner will say she accidentally started Shop Recovery Stuff when she designed a card to send to her son in treatment but she’s been designing stuff for years- she’s a master level professional home stager and renovator and has owned and operated small businesses for 30 years.  Marti is our secret weapon- she knows first hand about addiction and Recovery (she’s also a certified Family Recovery Coach Specialist), about what it takes to create a brand and how to do business- the best combination for our customers looking for custom Recovery design.  Whether our customers need help creating their brand, a single design, or want us to customize their logo onto one of our items or an item of their own, Marti has a vision that relates Recovery like no other.   Our example photo shows our friends at Minneapolis College- community and technical college with a Recovery program that also serves as the community’s RCO (Recovery Community Organization)!  Minneapolis College did a semi-custom co-brand project by using our Recovery Stamp Coin (Click here to see the Recovery Stamp Coin!)  One side of the coin has our Recovery Stamp design and the college commissioned us to update their logo for the other side for a custom, minted coin for their Recovery program!  When Minneapolis hit -52*, the director called to ask if we could make some hats for them- Marti knew exactly what they needed- a heavy stocking hat embroidered with their logo!

“It’s my goal that people be equipped right where they are to share Recovery, start a conversation.  I start every design with that thought in mind for our stock designs as well as our custom designs because people need opportunity and door openers to share  Recovery.  When I’m creating a brand or a design for a customer, I like to talk with them to find out the best way a design can help them make the biggest impact for Recovery- and that’s where I start.”  Marti McLeod

Custom work is based on the scope of work.  Let us know about your project idea- we love teaming to share the message of Recovery and we can help you make the best impact!

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We can help you build your brand!  From designing complete Recovery brands to creating Recovery Stuff that delivers the best impact to stand out!