Modeling Opportunities 2020-01-13T18:47:19-06:00

Do you live Recovery out loud?  Want to model our Recovery Stuff?

From the start, the goal of Shop Recovery Stuff has been to give people in Recovery the opportunity to live and share Recovery out loud with a positive, self-association to Recovery.  All the models you see at are people in recovery and people who support Recovery!  It’s important to us to utilize Shop Recovery Stuff to first, fulfill our mission (click here to see our mission!); and utilize our platform as an educational and support tool for Recovery!  We believe that as we live and share Recovery as a normal part of our own life, opportunities to empower others for their Recovery, educate about Recovery, and reduce stigma happens as a result.

Our company is located in the Dallas, TX area, but you don’t have to be from Texas- we’d like to share the power of Recovery from any state!  We love to highlight individuals in Recovery as well as non-profit Recovery helps- Recovery organizations, Recovery schools and Recovery groups; and sharing Recovery services available!  We can’t think of a better way to engage people to learn about Recovery than to feature models who emulate Recovery!

We’re always looking for new models!  There are individual and group modeling spots available! If you’re interested in sharing your Recovery out loud by modeling for us and would like to be considered, just click on the 2 forms on this page and we’ll contact you if you’re a fit!

  • Release Form:  Our release form provides Shop Recovery Stuff the release we will need to publicize your photo and any information about you that you provide to us.  If you’re planning to submit a group for consideration, please note that we will need a signed release form from every person in the group photo.  If you would like us to use the name of an organization; or an organization’s name is shown in your photo, a signed release from the organization’s authorized personnel will be required.
  • Model Info Form:  We’ll need to know a little about you and the Shop Recovery Stuff that you’d like to model!  Look through and select the item you’d like to model and let us know on the Model Info Form