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The mission of Shop Recovery Stuff is:

“To give people in Recovery the opportunity to live and share Recovery out loud with a positive self-association to Recovery, and by doing so, help those still suffering.”


  1. “To give people in Recovery the opportunity to live and share Recovery out loud with a positive self-association to Recovery”

I design our Recovery Stuff to empower the owner with a positive self-association to Recovery that provides confidence to share Recovery where you’re at, in your own life, within your own sphere of influence as well as open the door for conversation!  One of my favorite feedback messages was from a person who had one of our car stickers and someone approached them at the gas pump, just to simply share how many years they’d had in Recovery- and a conversation of Recovery was started; the Recovery support community of each of person had been enlarged- with a car sticker!    Our apparel has started countless conversations for Recovery- from the wearer helping people find help to sharing information with loved ones of an addicted person.   I believe that positively sharing Recovery organically kills stigma and creates opportunity for us to share the power of Recovery.  Creating an open door to share Recovery is the leading thought of every design.

  1. “Help those still suffering”

It has been my goal from the inception of Shop Recovery Stuff to utilize our platform, sales and company name to help those suffering from addiction directly; and help families that in their own journey through a loved one’s addiction.  I’ve owned and operated businesses for 30 years which keeps me open-minded to multiple ways to help!  I’m always looking for out-of-the-box ideas to reach people for Recovery!


  • We help people secure sober living. One of the key factors of success in early Recovery is the ability for a person to live in a Recovery community through sober living.  Shop Recovery Stuff is about Recovery- supporting people by helping them into sober living is possibly my most favorite ‘helps’ we do for Recovery!   While a portion of all our proceeds are donated to help in this way, the donated proceeds from our Power Of Recovery designs are solely used to help people in early Recovery secure sober living.
  • We utilize the help of people in sober living for our pop-up stores! Our pop-up stores can be big and we need help to get them set up and torn down.  Many people in sober living need work and the feeling of self-sufficiency.  In exchange for help with our pop-up stores, we pay rents at sober living!
  • We team with organizations/schools for their benefit. Equipping schools and organizations to carry the message of Recovery is right down our alley!

Some of our stock items are available for customization and they can be purchased in bulk and for re-sale but we know that schools and organizations many times, don’t have the technical functionality or don’t know how many shirts they need for an event or fundraiser- so Shop Recovery Stuff helps them by selling a shirt for them with a set amount of proceeds going directly to the organization/school.  A great example is the shirt we did for Recovery Communities.  Recovery Communities’ chose our trademark, Recovery Reflection Classic design.  We used our design as the backdrop and overlaid their focus phrase, “Live Out Loud”.  We offered the shirt at ShopRecoveryStuff.com with a set amount of the proceeds from sales dedicated to Recovery Communities!

  • We donate merchandise through our Recovery Shares Gift-Away. Recovery Shares Gift-Away is simply a fun way that Shop Recovery Stuff gives support and recognition to the people who serve, live and share recovery!  Once a month at Shop Recovery Stuff, our team randomly selects a person, group, RCO, school or non-profit serving Recovery to give up to 10 of our trademark hashtag #RecoveryIsReal shirts!
    When a hard-working organization gets a message from us that we’d like to give them shirts- hey, that just feels great!
  • We help many organizations through monetary donations, speaking engagements and other supports throughout the US. We financially donate to various organizations and groups both through direct purchases and monetarily; we sponsor peer Recovery coaching for those seeking to become peer supports, and donate speaking engagements and family Recovery coaching.