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Need bulk pricing?  Interested in selling Shop Recovery Stuff?

Shop Recovery Stuff items are designed to share the message- Recovery is Real!  Whether you’re looking for Recovery Stuff in bulk for an event, business, organization or school,  or you’re interested in selling Shop Recovery Stuff, our items open doors of opportunity to help you share the message, too:

  • Additional revenue source for Recovery community organizations,  treatment centers, gift shops, specialty stores
  • Great as gifts:  staff member gifts, welcome gifts or discharge gifts for treatment center clients, special event gifts
  • Great for fundraisers
  • Co-branding:  we offer co-branding options on some of our stock items

Why sell our Stuff? Why not?!  As Recovery organizations look for viable income streams, selling Recovery Stuff that delivers the message of Recovery should be first on the list!               

Why selling Shop Recovery Stuff works:

–  We have cool stuff!  The mission statement of Shop Recovery Stuff is to give people in Recovery the opportunity to live Recovery out loud with a positive self-association to Recovery and by doing so, reach those still suffering.  Every one of our items is thoroughly thought out with the purpose to give the owner the opportunity to live and share the victory of Recovery confidently- from design to delivery.

–  Selling cool stuff brings people back to you!   People don’t forget our stuff- if they got it at your organization or your organization’s event, they’ll remember your organization!   As one RCO director said, “I’d rather sell a shirt that people will wear in public and get asked about that empowers our clients to tell people about their Recovery and us with confidence, than a shirt with our name on the front and a thousand names of businesses on the back that’ll only be worn to mow the lawn.”

–  The biggest and best reason is that we give back to the Recovery community- in multiple ways!   As well as making general donations to various Recovery efforts, when I travel to set up a Shop Recovery Stuff pop-up store, I utilize the help of sober living residents!  In exchange for set-up and tear-down help, I help with paying rent!   I also donate shirts to various organizations for give-aways, peer workers and provide shirts in areas where Recovery isn’t funded well, or at all.

–  When Recovery organizations, schools and businesses sell Shop Recovery Stuff for fund raisers, in their gift shops, etc., not only are they helping their own organization financially, they’re helping equip and share Recovery at their local level, and they’re helping share Recovery on a national level as Shop Recovery Stuff donates back into the Recovery community at large.

–  We can show you how!  Just like everyone else, I had a different life before addiction hit my family.  I have owned and operated businesses for 30 years.  I am a master level professional home stager and renovator- which is great for my reseller customers and pop-up store customers!  Whether I’m sharing photos or a video to share a display idea, or personally talking to a reseller customer about a set-up dilemma, I offer my full knowledge of display, marketing and sales to my Shop Recovery Stuff reseller and pop-up store clients.  There are a lot of people with gifts and talents that could be applied to the Recovery movement- I feel it’s important that I be open to sharing and applying my abilities to help Recovery- and helping others find a way to do the same!

Fill out the info form and let us know about your project, business or venture!  We can help you move your organization or company to a new level of sharing Recovery with Shop Recovery Stuff!

Recovery is Real-

Marti McLeod, Owner

Recovery Stamp Shirt

Resellers: Please email a signed copy of Resale Certificate to us: Orders@ShopRecoveryStuff.com 

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