Recovery By Design

This past week I was asked the question I get asked a lot, “Do you just bust out a bunch of designs and put them on stuff to sell?”  I love that question!  It opens the door to allow me to tell people about the meaning and purpose behind my Shop Recovery Stuff designs.

Knowing the roller coaster of addiction, it’s important to me that Shop Recovery Stuff’s ‘stuff’ be meaningful and purposeful on multiple levels.  Sharing the power and victory of Recovery is the principal element of every design.

Before addiction tore through my family’s life, I owned and operated a professional home staging and renovation company.  Home staging provides subliminal messages created to accentuate the positives of a property based on potential buyer preferences.  To help customers understand staging, I often used an example of a house in a kid-filled neighborhood- which meant the majority of potential buyers were going to be families with kids.  The negative of the example house was a small living room.  The positive to work from were windows in the living room that could expose a big back yard.  It’s the stager’s job to shift an automatic negative thought by potential buyers by accentuating the positive attributes of a property.  The negative didn’t change, but an opportunity for a positive change of thought is introduced.

I believe and have carried that concept into Shop Recovery Stuff.  Addiction is the negative, it can’t be ignored; but addiction Recovery is just as real- and it is available to anyone!  The hope and power of Recovery is what I know I’m called to share with Shop Recovery Stuff designs.

I get to meet people who are in Recovery every day as a part of my job.  It’s encouraging to hear their stories.  Not a single one of them wants to return to active addiction or the lifestyle that comes with active addiction.  With great respect and regard for the immense work I know it takes to get in, and stay in Recovery, my designs are purposely created to emphasize the power and victory of Recovery in some way.

Shop Recovery Stuff items are designed with 3 key purposes:

  1. To give positive self-esteem and positive accountability for the item owner. I take the giftedness of designing items that give the power of sharing Recovery out loud seriously.  It’s my goal to create designs that build self-esteem and positive accountability for the items’ owner.  I’ve heard often from people in Recovery that a shift in thinking from the fear of the returning to addiction is fought and won through a consistent stand in the benefits and positive accountability of Recovery.
  2. To give and share a Recovery gift that carries the message to people still suffering. Breaking down the wall of isolation and hopelessness that addiction builds around its victims can be initiated by us- from a Recovery shirt that causes someone in active addiction to pause and wonder, “that normal looking guy was addicted?!”, to a cup on a desk that starts a conversation about getting help for a loved one, to a comment by a checkout person at the grocery store about the phrase on a bracelet which opens the door to sharing the openness of Recovery as a disease rather than a moral failing- we can’t know who might be a person still suffering, but by sharing Recovery, we share the hope that addiction tries to kill.
  3. To open the door to educate and/or encourage public involvement for the cause. I’ve met plenty of people who, like me before addiction hit my life, don’t have a clue about addiction!  How can we reach and educate the public if we’re not willing to share Recovery?  So many avenues are opening to the Recovery movement but our hill is steep- we need people willing to learn and help with the Recovery movement.  There’s never been a more important time to send a clear, positive message that Recovery is Real!

I’ve said so often that had someone told me 10 years ago that I’d be designing addiction Recovery items, I would have laughed out loud.  Looking back through my life’s journey, I believe it is by design that I’m here, doing exactly that.   Recovery is Real!

Pictured: Wings & Flames Design.  This design is a dual message design.  Some see a flame, some see a wing!  The truth is, Recovery gives us wings and flames- wings to fly & a flame to keep the spirit of Recovery burning.  The words are clear- Recovery is Real.  Don’t miss the dual message that Recovery is VERY REAL!

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